The Solution

The first step to finding a solution to a problem is being clear what the problem is. This is what Sit Well. Work Well sets out to do before making any recommendations.

It works in two stages. The first is an online questionnaire requesting background information of all aspects on how you are working at home and any pain currently being experienced. (The complete questionnaire can be accessed from this website.)

A photo is also requested showing in profile the normal way you work at your workstation. It is important this photo shows the reality of how you are working and is not posed to try and show your posture in a good light.

The second stage is the online consultation usually lasting between twenty and thirty minutes. In this Alan will give his initial observations from the answers to the questionnaire and the photo. He will then make recommendations on how equipment could be better positioned if needed and discuss your sitting position and the chair you are using. He will demonstrate how even small changes can bring about major improvements in the way you sit and work. He will also give general advice about working from home and conclude by demonstrating a lying down exercise used in the Alexander Technique that relieves pressure on the back and encourages relaxation throughout the whole body.  

After the consultation Alan will email you a report with his recommendations and a summary of the points raised during the session. He will also offer an optional follow up call a month later to see how you are managing with the recommendations.

Consultation can be done over Whatsapp, Facetime, Zoom, Facebook, Microsoft Teams

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